CO2 Blasting

J. Construction’s CO2 cleaning is designed to remove heavy rust, paint/tar-like coatings, and waste material completely by penetrating surfaces with high-velocity CO2 (dry ice) pellets, projected by compressed air, from a hand-held spray nozzle system. As a CO2 pellet hits the surface, it explodes on impact, shocking and dislodging the surface coating without abrading the underlying, harder substrate (such as fiberglass or metal).

As the CO2 pellet evaporates on impact, the post-blast waste falls to the ground to be swept or vacuumed and disposed; the pellet returns to the atmosphere in the form of a harmless vapor or gas (sublimate). Evaporation of the CO2 gas leaves no blast material residue to clean up unlike sandblasting, slurry blasting or chemical cleaning, and no drying time or oxidation as with waterblasting.

CO2 cleaning is environmentally safe and is estimated to be suitable for 65 – 75% of industrial blast cleaning applications with the exception of abraded surfaces requiring painting prep.